Important Idioms and Phrases for Board Exam

Important Idioms and Phrases for Board Exam

Important Idioms and Phrases for Board Exam

Important Idioms and Phrases for Board Exam

1. A bone of contention

Use – This house is a bone of contention between Ravi and Ram. 

2. A feather in one’s cap

Use – Your first class degree is a feather in your cap. 

3. An axe to grind 

Use – Ravi often goes there as he has an axe to grind. 

4. A Herculean task

Use – To control the population problem is a herculean task.

5. In a fool’s paradise 

Use – Ravi is a failure in life as he lives in a fool’s paradise. 

6. To and fro

Use – Ravi walked to and fro in the park. 

7. In good faith 

Use – Ravi was in good faith to my officer.

8. Out of date 

Use – Purdah System has become out of date now. 

9. All in all

Use –  Adolf Hitler was all in all in Germany.

10. Nip in the bud 

Use – Evils deed should be nipped in the bud.

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11. Pick holes in 

Use – It is not good to pick holes in others. 

12. Build castles in the air 

Use – Do not waste your time in building castles in the air. 

13. Hand in glove

Use – Ravi is hand in glove with my brother. 

14. Maiden speech 

Use – Nehru’s maiden speech made him famous.

15. Off and on 

Use – Ravi comes to my house off and on to borrow money. 

16. Win laurels 

Use – Nehru won laurels forbade his peace efforts.

17. At random 

Use – Work done at random never pays. 

18. Come to light

Use – The news came to light through a newspaper. 

19. High time 

Use – It is high time you started working on the plane. 

20. Take to task

Use – If you do not work regularly your teacher will take you to task. 

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21. By hook or by crook 

Use – He wants to earn money by hook or by crook. 

22. Beat about the bush 

Use – Say clearly what you have to say. Don’t beat about the bush. 

23. Bag and baggage 

Use – The English left India bag and baggage. 

24. End in smoke 

Use – All his efforts to get a job ended in smoke. 

25. Set stone by

Use – 

26. Beck and call

Use – The troop was ready at every beck and call. 

27. Play faul 

Use – We should play fault with anyone. 

28. In the face of 

Use – Ravi was talking in the face of all. 

29. The nick of time 

Use – The rescue team reached at the place at the nick of time. 

30. A laughing stock 

Use – His foolish argument has made him a laughing stock of all. 

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31. Deal with 

Use – Ravi dealt with me in a good manner.

32. By means of 

Use – Ravi supported his family by means of selling toys. 

33. At large

Use – The escaped prisoner is still at large.

34. Make both ends meet

Use – Ravi earns enough to make his both ends meet.

35. Hue and cry

Use – I don’t like hue and cry in the classroom.

36. Out of sorts 

Use – Ravi did not go to the office because he was feeling out of sorts.

37. Live fast

Use – Ravi who live fast must be in hot water soon. 

38. Gift of the gab

Use – Ravi has acquired gift of the grab in his art. 

39. ill at ease

Use – For me, Ravi is ill at ease. 

40. Play fast and loose

Use – Don’t depend on Ravi. He is in the habit of playing fast and loose.

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41. At sixes and sevens 

Use – Ravi came in my room and put my books at sixes and sevens.

42. Eat the humble pie

Use – I could do nothing there but ate the humble pie. 

43. A fair weather friend

Use – I don’t like a fair weather friend.

44. Throw up the gauntlet 

Use – In the competition, Ravi also threw up the gauntlet.

45. Above board 

Use – Ravi is an above board man. 

46. On the last legs

Use – Child marriage is now on the last legs. 

47. Through thick and thin 

Use – Ravi remained undaunted through thick and thin. 

48. In black and white 

Use – Give me your application in black and white.

49. Out of sorts 

Use – I will not go to school because I am feeling out of sorts.

50. At home in

Use – Ravi is at home in English. 

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51. At the eleventh hour 

Use – Work done at the eleventh hour does not bear fruit.

52. By and large

Use – The candidates will be considered by and large. 

53. Square deal

Use – We can’t hope for a square deal from a dishonest man. 

54. To lose ground

Use – Ravi fought bravely but lost the ground.

55. Fair and square 

Use – Everyone gets succeed if he is fair and square in his dealing.

56. Break the ice

Use – When we were dinning in a hotel one of my friends broke the ice. 

57. At bay

Use – Ravi took heart when he was at bay. 

58. Call names 

Use – I don’t like Ravi because he calls names. 

59. Grease the palm 

Use – Now a days, greasing the palm is necessary for getting a work done. 

60. A red letter day 

Use – 15th August is a red letter day for the Indians.

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61. A black sheep 

Use – Ravi is a black sheep in his family. 

62. A white elephant 

Use – A car is a white elephant for a middle class family. 

63. A dark horse 

Use – The student who topped the list is a dark horse. 

64 – A hard nut to crack 

Use – The solution of Kashmir problem is a hard nut to crack. 

65. At a stone’s throw 

Use – My school is at a stone’s throw from my house. 

66. In a nut shell 

Use – Ravi described his problems in a nut shell. 

67. For good

Use – In 1888, Ravi left his home town for good to live in Delhi. 

68. Bring to book 

Use – The naughty boy was brought to book by the teacher.

69. A hard pill to swallow 

Use – His bitter words were like a hard pill to swallow.

70. Part and parcel 

Use – Kashmir is part and parcel of India.

71. Bear the palm

Use – Our players bore the palm in cricket.

72. Point blank

Use – Ravi refused point and blank to help me. 

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73. All and sundry 

Use – The rules of road apply to all in sundry. 

74. By leaps and bounds 

Use – India is making progress by leaps and bounds. 

75. Nine day’s wonder 

Use – Sima left her husband and ran away with a younger man. It was a nine day’s wonder.

76. Lip service 

Use – Ravi always does lip service to others. 

77. French leave 

Use – French leave is not a good habit.

78. To sit on the fence 

Use – Ravi criticized the members of the committee  for sitting on the fence.

79. A close fisted man

Use – Ravi is a close fisted man. 

80. Crocodile tears 

Use – Reeta shed crocodile tears on the death of her partner.

81. Blue blood 

Use – Ram belonged to blue blood. 

82. To call on a person 

Use – Yesterday, Ravi went to call on a person.

83. A bed of roses 

Use – Life is not a bed of roses. 

84. By all means 

Use – By all means, Ravi will get success in the examination. 

85. A man of letters 

Use – My teacher is a man of letters. 

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86. Get rid of 

Use – We should get rid of our bad habits.

87. Gird up the loins 

Use – Rahul Gandhi is hired up the loins for the development of India.

88. Kith and kin

Use – We ought to respect our kith and kin.

89. Out Herod Herod 

Use – When Ravi was talking with us he was out Herod Herod. 

90. True to one’s salt 

Use – Bhamashah was true to Pratap’s salt. 

91. Move heaven and earth 

Use – Ravi moved heaven and earth to support his friend.

92. Lose the day

Use – India lost the day in the test match. 

93. On the horns of dilemma 

Use – Many students are on the horns of dilemma forbade their careers.

94. Hard and fast

Use – There are some hard and fast rules of the collage.

95. Fair and square 

Use – We should be fair and square in our dealing.

96. Spick and span

Use – The Principal’s office is very spick and span. 

97. Play fast and loose 

Use – Don’t depend on Ravi. He is in the habit of playing fast and loose. 

98. By fits and starts

Use – He who reads by fits and starts will not get good marks in the examination.

99. To be in vogue

Use – These days this kind of dress is to be in vogue. 

100. Go back on

Use – Ravi promised me to help but he went back on. 

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101. Blow hot and cold

Use – Those who blow hot and cold are never dependable.

102. With a view to

Use – With a view to a peaceful settlement, I accept your offer. 

103. Pros and cons

Use – We should see the pros and cons of everything.

104. Scot free 

Use – Ravi was scot free in the murder case. 

105. In lieu of 

Use – Ravi was selected captain of the team in lieu of Ram.

106. Null and void 

Use – Allahabad High Court declared Indira’s election null and void. 

107. Up to date

Use – Germany has up to date power stations.

108. Ride rough shod

Use – Mohammad Tughlaq tried to ride rough shod all the people of Delhi. 

109. A lion’s share

Use – Ravi got a lion’s share in his father’s property. 

110. In a fix 

Use – Ravi was in a fix so he could not help me. 

111. In the teeth of

Use – The tribe was in the teeth of starvation.

112. Hard and fast

Use – There are some hard and fast rules of road.

113. Hold good 

Use – Gandhiji said, “Truth holds good forever.”

114. Ins and outs

Use – Ravi knew both ins and outs of politics.

115. Tall talk

Use – Ravi finds him always indulge in tall talk. 

116. Tooth and nail

Use – All the members of the parliament oppose the bill tooth and nail.

117. Part and parcel 

Use – Kashmir is part and parcel of India. 

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118. Leave in the lurch

Use – A good friend never leaves his friend in the lurch.

119. Bury the hatchet 

Use – Ram and Shyam should bury the hatchet. 

120. Cry for the moon

Use – Your wish to go to England just now is a cry for the moon. 

121. Whiter than white

Use – The Prime Minister is whiter than white in politics.

122. Beat black and blue 

Use – Gafur was beaten black and blue. 

123. At a loss

Use – I am at a loss to understand my younger brother’s motives.

124. Well off

Use – They are quite well off now. 

125. Get the better of

Use – You should get the better of this job opportunity. 

126. Keep an eye on

Use – The parents should keep an eye on the children. 

127. Keep the wolf from the door

Use – Many persons are not rich, they only keep the wolf from the door. 

128. Hand to mouth 

Use – Most of the people in India live hand to mouth. 

129. Pocket an insult 

Use – Ravi left the company as he could not pocket an insult. 

130. See eye to eye 

Use –  His father always sees eye to eye about him. 

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131. Break the news

Use – The newspaper broke the news early in the morning.

132. Tall talk

Use – I find him always indulge in tall talk. 

133. A far cry 

Use – Ravi made a far cry in IIT competition because he did not study at all. 

134. Get the better of 

Use – Sincerity gets the better of lip sympathy.

135. All the way

Use – Ravi climbed the mountain all the way. 

136. A cock and bull story 

Use – Ravi told me a cock and bull story about his car breaking. 

137. Feather one’s nest

Use – Now a days leaders feather their nest. 

138. Through thick and thin 

Use – Seema remained undaunted through thick and thin. 

139. Wild goose chase 

Use – It was his wild goose chase to expect any help from not very useful.

140. Bolt from the blue 

Use – Prime Minister Nagendra Modi’s sudden trip to Pakistan was a bolt from the blue. 

141. Drop in the ocean 

Use – The grant for clear Ganga is a drop in the ocean.

142. Beggar description 

Use – The beauty of Kashmir is beggar description.

143. At your fingertips 

Use – To solve this sum is at my fingertips.

144. At a stone’s throw 

Use – My school is at a stone’s throw from my house. 

145. Child’s play 

Use – Learning English Grammar is not a child’s play. 

146. On the brink of 

Use – The refugee girl was on the brink of starvation.

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147. By dint of 

Use – Ravi secured first division by dint of his labour.

148. In lieu of

Use – Mahesh was selected captain of the team in lieu of Raja. 

149. To sow one’s wild oats 

Use – If you want to get success, you should not sow your wild oats.

150. Play fast and loose

Use – Nobody likes a man who plays fast and loose. 

151. Look down upon 

Use – The riches look down upon the poor. 

152. Hold good

Use – The rules of goodness always hold good. 

153. Play second fiddle

Use – Arun Jaitley is playing the second fiddle.

154. Bad blood 

Use – There has been bad blood for long between these two parties.

155. A storm in a tea cup

Use – Ravi did not invite me so I blew a storm in a tea cup. 

156. A bull in a China shop 

Use – Ravi is like a bull in a China shop. 

157. Lion’s share 

Use – Mohan got a lion’s share in his father’s property. 

158. Put up with 

Use – None can put up with this type of rude behaviour.

159. On the eve of

Use – On the eve of his transfer, the magistrate was given a farewell party. 

160. A white elephant 

Use – To buy a car for a middle class family is a white elephant. 

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161. Last but not the least

Use – It is the medicine which is last but not the least. 

162. Take something personally 

Use – When Ravi was speaking on dowry system, Mohan took something personally.

163. On purpose 

Use – Ravi kicked the old man on purpose.

164. Get the shot of something or somebody 

Use – Muslim ladies got the shot of triple talaque.

165. A blessing in disguise 

Use – Being omitted from the World Cup squad was a blessing in disguise to him. 

166. Feel the pulse of

Use – American President is coming to India to feel the pulse of the nation. 

167. Time and again 

Use – Time and again he goes to meet his parents. 

168. Go back on

Use – He promised me to help but he went back on. 

169. Get rid of 

Use – I want to get rid of my bad habits.

170. Come true

Use – His dream about his success has come true. 

171. Hard times

Use – Ravi had been passing through hard times since he suffered a loss in his business. 

172. Out of sorts 

Use – We were out of sorts in the situation. 

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