Synonyms for NDA (Part 1)

Synonyms for NDA (Part 1)

Synonyms for NDA (Part 1)

Synonyms for NDA (Part 1)

Directions – Each of the following sentences followed by four words or group of words. Select the synonym of the word that is mentioned in the sentence in copital letters.

1. Many of his acquaintances avoid him because he is so GARRULOUS.

(a) unreasonable (b) talkative
(c) quarrelsome (d) proud

2. He bore the pain with great FORTITUDE.

(a) resignation
(b) indifference
(c) defiance
(d) forbearance

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3. He gave his TACIT approval to the proposition.
(a) full
(b) clean
(c) loud
(d) implied

4. In spite of hard work, the farmers could only get a MEAGRE yield.
(a) satisfactory
(b) scanty
(c) plenty
(d) normal

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5. He was EXHILARATED at the outcome of the election results.
(a) satisfied
(b) disappointed
(c) surprised
(d) overjoyed

6. He was FIRED for negligence on duty.
(a) relieved of his job
(b) scolded
(c) rebuked
(d) attacked

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7. Democracy is not the standardising of everyone so as to OBLITERATE all peculiarity.
(a) demolish
(b) erase
(c) extinguish
(d) change

8. Divine grace is truly INEFFABLE.
(a) that which cannot be rubbed out
(b) incapable of being understood
(c) that which is too great to be expressed in words

(d) too powerful to be defeated

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9. The convocation address was very EDIFYING.
(a) tedious
(b) in need of editing
(c) instructive
(d) exciting

10. We should always try to maintain and promote communal AMITY.
(a) bondage
(b) contention
(c) friendship
(d) understanding

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11. Many species of animals have become EXTINCT during the last hundred years.
(a) aggressive
(b) Nonexistent
(c) scattered
(d) feeble

12. True religion does not require one to PROSELYTISE through guile or force.
(a) translate
(b) hypnotise
(c) attack
(d) convert

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13. That the plan is both inhuman and PREPOSTEROUS needs on further proof.
(a) heartless
(b) impractical
(c) absurd
(d) abnormal

14. The attitude of the Western countries towards the third-world countries is rather CALLOUS to say the least.
(a) passive
(b) unkind
(c) cursed
(d) unfeeling

15. Whatever the VERDICT of history may be, Chaplin will occupy a unique place in its pages.
(a) judgement
(b) voice
(c) outcome
(d) prediction

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16. He CORROBORATED the statement of his brother.
(a) confirmed
(b) disproved
(c) condemned
(d) seconded

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