The Fun They Had – Multiple Choice Questions

The Fun They Had – Multiple Choice Questions

The Fun They Had - Multiple Choice Questions

MCQs Type Questions of ‘The Fun They Had’ :

1. On which date, Margie make an entry in her diary about school’s?

(a) 17 May, 2156

(b) 17 May, 2157

(c) 17 May, 2158

(d) 17 May, 2159

2. Who found a real book?

(a) Tommy

(b) Margie

(c) Tommy’s teacher

(d) The mechanical teacher

3. What did Margie write about in her diary?

(a) a real school

(b) a real teacher

(c) a real book

(d) Tommy’s grandfather

4. Who told Margie once about real books?

(a) her father

(b) Tommy

(c) the mechanical teacher

(d) her grandfather

5. Why were the pages of the book were yellow and crinkly?

(a) It was a very old book

(b) its colour was yellow

(c) they were looked new

(d) none of these

6. How were the words in the book?

(a) moving

(b) steady

(c) getting imprinted

(d) none of these

7. How old was Margie?

(a) ten years

(b) eleven years

(c) twelve years

(d) thirteen years

8. How old was Tommy?

(a) ten years

(b) twelve years

(c) thirteen years

(d) fourteen years9. Where did Tommy found the book?

(a) in the attic

(b) in the school

(c) in a shop

(d) in a library

10. What was Margie scornful about?

(a) the school

(b) Tommy

(c) e-mail

(d) the printed book

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11. Margie had to write out about her homework

(a) In Russian

(b) In Punch code

(c) In English

(d) None of these

12. After fixing the mechanical teacher, the big screen displayed

(a) Margie’s face

(b) All the lessons and questions asked

(c) A real book

(d) None of these

13. According to Tommy, the real book was

(a) Boring

(b) A waste

(c) Wrong

(d) Fiction

14. The kids in the old schooling pattern went home together

(a) In between classes

(b) During afternoon breaks

(c) During festivals

(d) At the end of the day15. While inserting her homework in the proper slot, Margie was thinking about

(a) Desserts

(b) Vacation in Turkey

(c) Old schools

(d) Tommy

16. What did the teacher in the real book do?

(a) Teaches through computer

(b) Gives lessons online

(c) Taught and gave questions in person

(d) Mailed them the lesson

17. Why did Margie find the old school interesting?

(a) because of the fun

(b) because of human teachers

(c) because of many friends

(d) all

18. How much time was taken to repair Tommy’s teacher?

(a) 15 days

(b) 25 days

(c) 20 days

(d) one month19. Where did Tommy find the book?

(a) in a public library

(b) in a library

(c) in his house

(d) on the roadside

20. Who is the author of this lesson?

(a) Charles Dickens

(b) Isaac Asimov

(c) Milton

(d) None of these

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21. What is Virtual Reality?

(a) heavenly world

(b) imaginary world

(c) reality created by computer software

(d) None of these

22. To which world does the store take the readers to

(a) Future world

(b) Past world

(c) Present world

(d) Future world where computers will play a major role

23. What is a Virtual Classroom?

(a) Class outside classroom

(b) Class in the garden

(c) Class in the field

(d) Where learning is done through computer software and internet

24. Who is main character of the story?

(a) Parents

(b) Children

(c) Margie

(d) Tommy

25. Who was teaching the students in the modern era?

(a) A teacher

(b) Parents

(c) Computer

(d) A mechanical robot teacher

26. What is a telebook?

(a) An e-book

(b) An electronic book

(c) Book stored in a computer

(d) All of these27. Where was Margie’s school?

(a) In a village

(b) In a city outskirt

(c) In her own house

(d) In a room in her house where a computer was set up

28. What subjects did Margie and Tommy learn?

(a) Mathematics

(b) Science

(c) Geography

(d) All of these

29. Where did Tommy and Margie read various books?

(a) In the library

(b) In the school

(c) On a computer screen

(d) None of these30. Who went to real school?

(a) Margie

(b) Tommy

(c) Teachers

(d) Margie and Tommy’s ancestors

31. With whom is the mechanical teacher contrasted with?

(a) With other teachers

(b) With old teachers

(c) With human teachers

(d) With other robots

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32. Why did Margie’s mother call the Country Inspector?

(a) To repair a leakage

(b) To talk to Margie

(c) To talk to Tommy

(d) To check the fault in Margie’s teacher in the Geography section

33. In which subject was Margie failing repeatedly?

(a) Science

(b) History

(c) English

(d) Geography

34. What did the Country Inspector so to help Margie?

(a) He reset the teacher to Margie’s level

(b) He changed the module

(c) Changed the teacher

(d) Changed the syllabus

34. The section of which subject was completely deleted from Tommy’s computer?

(a) English

(b) History

(c) Social Science

(d) Geography

35. Why did Margie hate school?

(a) Because of machine work

(b) No fun was there

(c) No new things

(d) All of these

36. What was the difference between old schools and modern schools?

(a) old schools had many friends and modern schools had no fellows

(b) old schools had human teachers and modern schools had robots

(c) Old schools had playground and modern schools had only computers

(d) All of these37. Why did Margie find the old schools interesting?

(a) Because of the fun

(b) Because of human teachers

(c) Because of many friends

(d) All of these

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