UP Board Class 10 English Model Paper 2021

UP Board Class 10 English Model Paper 2021

UP Board Class 10 English Model Paper 2021

Class 10 English Model Paper 2021 for UP Board

अनुक्रमांक ………………
नाम ……………..
229                     870(GK)

            2021     पूर्णांक – 70
 English Model Paper
           कक्षा – 10
समय – 3 घंटे 15 मिनट

निर्देश – प्रारम्भ के 15 मिनट परीक्षार्थियों को प्रश्न पत्र पढ़ने के लिए निर्धारित है।

Instructions :
(i) This question paper is divided into Sections – A and B.
(ii) All questions from the two sections are compulsory.
(iii) Marks are indicated against each question.
(iv) Read the questions very carefully before you starting answering them.


1. Read the following passage and answer the questions given below it :
But although many people loved the old man and delighted in his wisdom, there were some who did not approve of him. He taught that man’s own mind influenced his conduct more than the gods. This seemed to some people a new and wicked idea. He said that there were higher and nobler deeds than making sacrifices to Athens and the other gods of Greece, and many people thought that he was leading the young astray, questioning all that they had been taught to believe and filling their minds with doubts.

(i) Write the name of the lesson from which the above passage has been taken. Who is the author of this lesson? 2

(ii) What did Socrates teach the people of Athens? 2

2. Answer any one of the following questions in about 60 words : 4

(a) Who was Yaksha? What questions did he ask Yudhishthira?

(b) What is the significance of the Ganga for Nehru and for India?

3. Answer any two of the following questions in about 30 words each : 2 + 2 = 4

(a) Who was Lencho? What were his main problems?

(b) What according to Yudhishthira is the greatest wonder in the World?

(c) What did the jailer say to Socrates before giving him a cup of poison?

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4. Match the words of List – A with their meanings in List – B : 4

List – A         List – B

(a) forsake – indebted

(b) influence – overflowing

(c) owe     –    effect

(d) brimming  –    go give up

5. Read the following piece of poetry and answer the questions given below it :

Not enjoyment, and not sorrow,
Is our destined end or way,
But to act that each tomorrow
Find us farther than today.

(a) What does the poet say in the first two lines of the stanza? 2

(b) How should we act in life? What is the meaning of the words ‘finds us farther’? 2

6. Give the central idea of any one of the following poems : 3

(i) The Fountain (ii) The Village Song


Write four lines from one of the poems given in your text-book (Don’t copy out the lines given in this question paper)

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7. Answer any two of the following questions in about 25 words each : 2 + 2 = 4

(i) How did Edison serve his country during the First World War?

(ii) What did the village boys find in the pasture?

(iii) How and why did the judgement seat of Vikramaditya disappear from the earth for ever?

8. Point out True and False in the following statements : 1 * 4 = 4

(i) Edison promised his mother to give her a dollar every night from what he earned.

(ii) Thomas Alva Edison was a great inventor of England.

(iii) Vikramaditya was never deceived.

(iv) Delhi was the capital of king Vikramaditya.

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9. Select the most suitable alternative to complete the following statements : 1 * 4 = 4
Edison was fond of ….
(i) telling stories (ii) playing games
(iii) making experiments (iv) flying kites

(b) Edison was taken out of school because …
(i) the teacher asked his parents to withdraw him
(ii) he was not pleased with his teacher
(iii) he was dull student. (iv) he did not like school education

(c) The judgement seat of Vikramaditya was made of ….
(i) sand (ii) silver
(iii) iron (iv) stone

(d) In due course of time the palace and the fortress of Vikramaditya were –
(i) ruined (ii) decorated
(iii) rebuilt (iv) lost



10. Do as indicated against each of the following statements :

(a) Never hard goes waste work.
(Frame a correct sentence by re-ordering the words.) 2

(b) He gave me a glass of water? (Change into Passive Voice) 2

(c) The teacher said to the Principal, “Please, grant me leave for two days only.” (Change into indirect speech) 2

(d) He has ……. to bring his umbrella?
(Use the correct form of the verb ‘Forget’ to fill in the blank) 2

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11. (a) Choose the correct preposition from the ones given below the sentence to fill in the blank : 2

He will return home ………. 6 O’clock. (from, by, with, to)

(b) Complete the following sentence : 2

You can not succeed if ………….. .

(c) Complete the spellings of the following words : ½ + ½ = 1

(i) bel_ _ve (ii) pr_m_s

(d) Punctuate the following using capital letters wherever necessary : 2
do you know that lucknow the capital of uttar pradesh is a historical city

12. Translate into English : 4

रामपाल एक क्रूर एवं अभिमानी नवयुवक है। वह 18 वर्ष का हो चुका है। वह अब तक हाई स्कूल की परीक्षा नहीं पास कर पाया है। अधिकांश लोग उसे नापसंद करते हैं।

13. Write an application to the principal of your college, requesting him to give your transfer certificate as your father has been transferred to the other district. 4
(Do not write your name and Roll Number)
Write a letter to your father ask for money required to purchase some books and pay hostel dues.
(Do not write your name, Roll Number and place)

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14. Write a composition on any one of the following topics in about 60 words. Points are given below for each topic to develop the composition : 6
My Father
(i) Introduction
(ii) His dress and behaviour
(iii) His qualities
(iv) Daily life
(v) Conclusion

(b) Holi
(i) Introduction
(ii) Time of celebration
(iii) Preparations for celebration
(iv) How do people celebrate it
(v) Conclusion

(c) Early Morning Scene in a Public Park
(i) Name of the park and time to visit
(ii) Atmosphere of the park-silence, pure and cool air, flowers, birds
(iii) People walking, doing exercises and yoga, some relaxing
(iv) Sun slowly rising people returning

(d) A Policeman
(i) Introduction
(ii) His uniform
(iii) His usefulness
(iv) His place and status in society
(v) Conclusion

15. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions sets thereon :
A man was kept in jail without any fault. When the king visited the jail, he told him that he was innocent. The king found out that this was true. He gave him a sum of money and set him free. He went straight to the market, where some birds were kept for sale. He purchased all the birds from the shopkeeper and set them free. At this the shopkeeper was surprised. Then the man said, “If you had been in prison like me for no fault, you would have done the same.”

(i) What did the king do when he found out the prisoner innocent? 3

(ii) What did the man say to the shopkeeper? 3

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