Important Homophones for Board Exam


Homophones for Board Exam

1. Access (पहुंँच)
Use – I have an access to the Principal.
Excess (अधिकता)
Use – Excess of anything is bad.

2. Affect (प्रभाव डालना)
Use – Heavy rains will affect the crops.

Effect (प्रभाव)
Use – No advice produces any effect on him.

3. Adapt (अनुकूल बनाना)
Use – We should adapt ourselves to all circumstances.

Adept (प्रवीण या चतुर)
Use – The teacher is adept in so many foreign languages.

4. Altar (वेदी)
Use – Bhagat Singh sacrificed his life at the altar of motherland.

Alter (बदलना)
Use – You should alter your way of speaking.

5. Berth ( ट्रेन या जहाज में सोने का सीट)
Use – Ravi reserved a berth in the Punjab Mail.

Birth (जन्म)
Use – You must remember your date of birth.

6. Accept (स्वीकार करना)
Use – He accepted a gift from his friend.

Except (को छोड़कर)
Use – None except Ravi could do such a brave deed.

7. Addition (योग)
Use – Can you tell me addition of two and two?

Edition (संस्करण)
Use – The new edition will come out soon.

8. Amiable (सौम्य, सुशील)
Use – Amiable persons are liked by the people.

Amicable (मैत्रीपूर्ण)
Use – There was an amicable settlement of the old dispute.

9. Bare (नंगा)
Use – Don’t bare your body in the hot son.

Bear (सहन करना)
Use – I can not bear such insulting remarks.

10. Ascent (चढ़ाई)
Use – The first ascent on the Everest was performed by Tensing.

Assent (अनुमति)
Use – The father gave his assent to the marriage proposal.

11. Allusion (संकेत)
Use – Your explanation should clear all allusions.

Illusion (मायाजाल या मोह माया)
Use – It is wrong to consider this world as an illusion only.

12. Apposite (उचित)
Use – What he said about you, was perfectly apposite.

Opposite (विपरीत)
Use – We don’t agree because your views are opposite to mine.

13. Vacation (अवकाश)
Use – Do you like vacation?

Vocation (काम धंधा या पेशा)
Use – He is a teacher by vocation.

14. Accede (मान लेना)
Use – He acceded to my proposal.

Exceed (अधिक होना)
Use – Your question should not exceed 100 words.

15. Accident (दुर्घटना)
Use – Ravi lost his leg in a bus accident.

Incident (घटना)
Use – This drama contains many good incidents.

Important Phrasal Verbs –

16. Bad (खराब)
Use – Ravi should not do anything bad in his life.

Bade (आज्ञा दिया)
Use – The Principal bade the student to stand up.

17. Break (तोड़ना)
Use – Don’t break the chair.

Brake (रोधक या ब्रेक)
Use – There will be an accident if the brakes of your bike are not good.

18. Bale (गांठ)
Use – I have bought two bales of cloths.

Bail (जमानत)
Use – The thief has been released on bail.

19. Bridal (शादी का)
Use – Do you like bridal dress?

Bridle (लगाम)
Use – The horse broke the bridle and ran away.

20. Borne
Use – The old sailing ships were borne by the winds.

Born (जन्म)
Use – Ravi was born in a poor family.

21. Canvas (किरमिच या मोटा कपड़ा)
Use – This bag is made of canvas.

Canvass (वोट मांगना)
Use – Ravi visited every house to canvass.

22. Casual (आकस्मिक)
Use – Ravi must not spend all his casual leaves.

Causal (कारण सम्बन्धी)
Use – There is a causal relationship between your health and diet.

23. Check (रोकना)
Use – You should do nothing to check the progress of your son.

Cheque (बैंक का चेक)
Use – I want a bank cheque.

24. Childish (बच्चों सा)
Use – His suggestion is merely childish.

Child like (बाल सुलभ)
Use – Everyone was impressed by Gandhiji’s child like simplicity.

25. Coarse (मोटा या भद्दा)
Use – Ravi dose not like coarse clothes.

Course (कार्यप्रणाली या पाठ्यक्रम)
Use – Ravi is so puzzled that he does not know which course to adopt.

26. Corpse (लाश)
Use – The Hindus burn corpses.

Corps (सैन्य दल)
Use – Ravi is a member of the National Cadet Corps.

27. Complement (पूरक)
Use – You should read general books as complements to your text book.

Compliment (प्रशंसा, अभिवादन)
Use – Give my compliments to your mother.

28. Collision (टक्कर)
Use – There was a head long collision between a bus and a truck.

Collusion (आपसी सांठगांठ या मिलीभगत)
Use – Many people think that there is a collision between the police and the criminals.

29. Confidant (विश्वासपात्र)
Use – Ravi is my confidant.

Confident (आत्मविश्वासी)
Use – Ravi is confident of his success in the examination.

30. Conscious (जागरूक या सचेत)
Use – We should be conscious of our duty towards our parents.

Conscientious (ईमानदार)
Use – A conscientious worker is always honest in his duty.

One word substitution –

31. Credible (विश्वसनीय)
Use – The news is too good to be credible.

Use – A credulous person always fails.

32. Cite (उदाहरण देना)
Use – Can you cite some lines from the poem?

Site (स्थल या स्थान)
Use – The site for the college building has been selected.

33. Cast (फेंकना)
Use – Cast this paper into the dustbin.

Caste (जाति)
Use – I am Brahmin by caste.

34. Continual (निरंतर)
Use – Yesterday, there were continual showers.

Continuous (अविरल)
Use – Today, the rain is continuous.

35. Council (परिषद या समिति)
Use – The matter was placed before the council forbade discussion.

Counsel (सलाह)
Use – It is the duty of an advocate to give counsel to the litigants.

36. Defy (अवहेलना करना)
Use – Ravi should not defy the orders of the teachers.

Deify (देवता के समान पूजा करना)
Use – Good persons are deified after their death.

37. Descent (चढ़ाई)
Use – Some hills have very sharp descent.

Dissent (असहमत होना)
Use – On this particular point, I dissent from you.

38. Draught (घूँट)
Use – Ravi drank a whole glass full of mango juice in one draught.

Drought (सूखा)
Use – In these days, we are facing the problem of drought.

39. Difference (भिन्नता)
Use – There are many differences between Ravi and Ram.

Deference (आदर या सम्मान)
Use – Ram went to the forest in deference to the wishes of his mother.

40. Desert (रेगिस्तान)
Use – Sahara desert is the biggest desert of the world.

Dessert (मीठा व्यंजन)
Use – Sweets were offered as dessert to the guests.

41. Die (मरना)
Use – Cowards doe many times before their death.

Dye (रंगना)
Use – Ravi dyes his hair.

42. Elicit (प्राप्त करना या निकालना)
Use – The police elicited important information from the criminal.

Illicit (अवैध)
Use – Ravi carries on the illicit trade of smuggling.

43. Eminent (प्रसिद्ध)
Use – Nehru was an eminent leader.

Imminent (सन्निकट या करीब)
Use – Everything shows that the third world war is imminent.

44. Emigrant (प्रवासी)
Use – There are many emigrants from Bangladesh to India.

Immigrant (प्रवासी नागरिक)
Use – We should be kind to immigrants.

45. Eligible (योग्य)
Use – Ravi is eligible for this post.

Illegible (अपठनीय)
Use – His hand writing is illegible.

Idioms and Phrases –

46. Imperial (शाही)
Use – England had a big imperial navy for the defense of the British Empire.

Imperious (घमंडी)
Use – Ravi should not mix with people who are imperious.

47. Fair (मेला)
Use – I like going to a fair.

Fare (किराया)
Use – Give me money for bus fare.

48. Fain (प्रसन्नता से)
Use – Fain I would climb but I fear to fall.

Feign (बहाना करना)
Use – The criminal feigned madness in the court.

49. Fate (भाग्य)
Use – Fool’s you believe in your fate?

Fete (उत्सव)
Use – A grand fete was held on the Republic Day.

50. Fore (आगे या सामने)
Use – Mohan came to the fore in connection with the English debate.

Four (चार)
Use – A cow has four legs.

51. Feet (पैर)
Use – A horse has four feet.

Feat (बहादुरी का कार्य)
Use – People wandered at the feats of the juggler.

52. Foul (बेईमानी से)
Use – Ravi must not play a foul game.

Fowl (पंक्षी)
Use – He went for hunting fowls in the forest.

53. Gate (फाटक)
Use – Please close the gate.

Gait (चाल)
Use – Ravi came on stage with a fine gait.

54. Gamble (जुआ खेलना)
Use – Focus you like gambling?

Gambol (कूदना)
Use – Young pups are gambolling in the field.

55. Grate (भट्टी)
Use – Put coals in the grate.

Great (महान)
Use – Rana Paratap was a great king.

56. Hail (ओला)
Use – Hails fell last night.

Hale (तंदुरुस्त)
Use – Ravi is hale and hearty.

57. Hoard (इकट्ठा करना)
Use – A bad businessman hoards commodities.

Horde (दल, गिरोह)
Use – Hordes of dacoits attacked the villages and robbed them.

58. Honorary (अवैतनिक)
Use – Ramesh is an honorary magistrate.

Honourable (सम्मानीय)
Use – Nehru was an honourable man.

59. Human (मानव)
Use – We are all human beings.

Humane (दयालु)
Use – Ravi should be humane towards the poor.

60. Ingenious (चालाक)
Use – Mohan is an ingenious man.

Ingenuous (निष्कपट)
Use – Ravi is liked by all because he is ingenuous.

Active and Passive Voice –

61. Idle (आलसी)
Use – I don’t like idle men.

Idol (मूर्ति)
Use – There is an idol of Lord Shiva in the temple.

62. Imminent (तत्कालिक घटित होने वाला)
Use – Ravi was saved from imminent death by the doctor.

Eminent (प्रसिद्ध)
Use – Milton is an eminent poet of English.

63. Industrial (व्यापार संबंधी)
Use – I like industrial work.

Industrious (परिश्रमी)
Use – Ravi is a very industrious boy.

64. Jealous (ईष्यालु)
Use – Ravi is a jealous man.

Zealous (जोशीला)
Use – I like zealous men.

65. Judicious (बुद्धिमान)
Use – Ravi is a judicious boy.

Judicial (न्यायिक)
Use – A judicial enquiry has been ordered in the case.

66. Later (अधिक देर से)
Use – He came to the meeting place later than me.

Latter (बाद वाला)
Use – Both Ram and Shyam are good boys but the latter is better than the former.

Letter (पत्र)
Use – I wrote two letters yesterday.

67. Lose (खोना)
Use – You will lose your position if you don’t work hard.

Loose (ढीला)
Use – People wear loose garments during the summer.

68. Lessen (कम करना)
Use – Ravi should try to lessen his expenditure.

Lesson (पाठ)
Use – Did you learn the lesson?

69. Luxurious (विलासपूर्ण)
Use – Akbar had a luxurious life.

Luxuriant (घना)
Use – Ravi has luxuriant hair on his head.

70. Main (मुख्य)
Use – Tell me the main point.

Mane (जानवर के गर्दन के लंबे बाल)
Use – The lion is so attractive because of its mane.

71. Medal (पदक)
Use – He was awarded a gold medal in the game of hockey.

Meddle (हस्तक्षेप करना)
Use – You should not meddle with others.

72. Miner (खान में काम करने वाले)
Use – Many miners were killed in the accident.

Minor (नाबालिग)
Use – A minor does not have the right to vote.

73. Ordinance (अध्यादेश)
Use – Governor of Uttar Pradesh has isssued an ordinance.

Ordnance (सैनिक हथियार)
Use – There is an ordnance factory in Mumbai.

74. Persecute (अत्याचार)
Use – Hitler persecuted the Jews during the Second World War.

Prosecute (मुकदमा चलाना)
Use – He was prosecuted forbade committing theft.

75. Pray (प्रार्थना करना)
Use – We must pray to God in the morning.

Prey (शिकार)
Use – The tiger went out in search of prey.

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76. Pail (बाल्टी)
Use – Ravi is carrying a pail of water.

Pale (पीला)
Use – His face is pale due to fever.

77. Plane (समतल)
Use – I want a plane surface.

Plain (सादा)
Use – We have always believed in plain living and high thinking.

78. Principal (प्रधानाचार्य)
Use – So you know the Principal?

Principle (सिद्धांत)
Use – Gandhiji taught us the principle of non violence.

79. Peace (शांति)
Use – We all pray for peace.

Piece (भाग)
Use – Give me one more piece.

80. Quite (काफी)
Use – I am feeling quite well today.

Quiet (शांत)
Use – All were quiet for a moment.

81. Right (अधिकार)
Use – Freedom is my birth right.

Rite (संस्कार)
Use – Every religion has its own rites.

82. Raise (उठाना)
Use – Ravi should try to raise his social status in life.

Raze (ध्वस्त करना)
Use – The building was razed.

83. Scene (दृश्य)
Use – It was a very beautiful scene.

Seen (देखा गया)
Use – I have seen Ravi.

84. Specious (दिखावटी)
Use – You can’t win your case by putting forward specious arguments.

Spacious (आलीशान)
Use – This is a spacious building.

85. Spiritual (आत्मा से संबंधित)
Use – Vivekananda was a great spiritual teacher of India.

Spirituous (मदिरा युक्त)
Use – Always try to avoid spirituous drinks.

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86. Stationary (स्थिर)
Use – The pole star is stationary in the sky.

Stationery (लेखन सामग्री)
Use – Ravi sells books and stationery.

87. Seize (जब्त करना)
Use – His property was seized.

Siege (घेरा)
Use – The Siege of Arcot is famous in Indian History.

88. Site (स्थान)
Use – Site of the college building is very beautiful.

Sight (दृश्य)
Use – Ravi was much impressed by the sight of the building.

89. Soar (उड़ना)
Use – The bird is soaring high.

Sore (उदास)
Use – My friend is a bit sore.

90. Stair (सीढ़ी)
Use – Ravi climbed the stairs.

Stare (घूरना)
Use – Please don’t stare at me.

91. Team (दल)
Use – I have a cricket team.

Teem (भरा होना)
Use – The forest teems with lions.

92. Umpire (अंपायर)
Use – Players have to obey the umpire in the game.

Empire (साम्राज्य)
Use – The British Empire has become very small now.

93. Vale (घाटी)
Use – This road goes up through hills and vales.

Veil (घूंघट)
Use – So you like to veil your face?

94. (Waist कमर)
Use – Ravi is putting on a belt on his waist.

Waste (बर्बाद करना)
Use – Ravi should not waste his time.

95. Waive (छोड़ देना)
Use – Ravi has waived his claims over the property.

Wave (लहर)
Use – The sea is full of high waves during the storm.

96. Wreck (नष्ट होना)
Use – All his hopes were wrecked when he failed in the examination.

Wreak (बदला लेना)
Use – We must not wreak vengeance unnecessarily.

97. Wait (प्रतीक्षा करना)
Use – Wait here till I return.

Weight (वजन)
Use – Can you tell me your body weight?

98. Weak (कमजोर)
Use – Ravi is a very weak student.

Week (सप्ताह)
Use – Ravi came here in last week.

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