One Word Substitution

One Word Substitution

One Word Substitution

One Word Substitution

SUBSTITUTE ONE – WORD ( शब्द समूह के लिए एक शब्द )

One – word substitution means a single word for a number of words , expressions , phrases or even clauses.

परिभाषा – शब्दों के समूह के अर्थ को प्रकट करने के लिये एक शब्द का प्रयोग करना One – word substitution कहलाता है।

1. The life history of a man written by himself – autobiography (आत्मकथा)

2. A person who believes that there is no God – atheist (नास्तिक)

3. A medicine which counteracts the effects of poison – antidote (जहर मारने की दवा)

4. A person who does something not professionally but for pleasure – amateur (अव्यवसायी, शौकीन)

5. A person residing in a country of which he is not a citizen – alien (विदेशी नागरिक)

6. That does not bear the name of the writer – anonymous (बिना नाम का)

7. Government by a ruler who has unlimited power – autocracy (एक व्यक्ति का शासन)

8. A diplomatic representative of one country in another – ambassador (राजदूत)

9. A traveller in space – astronaut (अंतरिक्ष यात्री)

10. An assembly of listeners – audience (श्रोतागण)

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11. Set free by – acquit

12. A person who is out to destroy all government law and order – anarchist

13. Yearly return of the date of an event – anniversary

14. The letter which does not bear the name of the writer – Anonymous

15. A traveller in space – astronaut

16. One who does not believe in the existence of God – Atheist

17. Capable of being heard – audible

18. Story of a person written by himself – Autobiography

19. A person who is fond of fishing – angler

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20. A person who is out ot destroy all government law and order – Anarchist

21. A person who can easily be approached – accessible

22. Government by one person only – Autocracy

23. Animals which live in water – aquatic

24. A medicine which counteracts poison – Antidote

25. One who has infinite power – Almighty

26. A man who remains unmarried Or The state of being unmarried – bachelor

27. A person who is unable to pay debts – bankrupt

28.One who loves books – bibliophile

29. To give up the throne – abdicate (राज्य त्यागना)


30. A medicine which prevents infection by killing germs – antiseptic (सड़न रोकने वाली)

31. The science of vegetable life – botany (वनस्पति – विज्ञान)

32. The science which treats of life – biology

33. Government by the officials – bureaucracy

34. The life history of a man written by someone else – biography

35. One who has narrow and prejudiced religious views – biglot

36. Festival of the hundredth anniversary – centenary

37. A man who eats human flesh – cannibal

38. A place for burials other than a churchyard – cemetery

39. A place for cremation of dead bodies – crematorium

40. That is free from national prejudices – cosmopolitan

41. People working together in the same office or department – colleagues

42. Belonging to the same time – contemporary

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43. Substance designed to make the skin or hair more beautiful – cosmetics

44. That can be believed – credible

45. The state of being unmarried – celibacy

46. The artist who draws the comic pictures – caricaturist

47. A government of the people, by the people and for the people – democracy

48. A battle or a match in which neither party wins – drawn

49. Want of rain – drought

50. A disease that spreads over a large area – epidemic

51. Articles sent from one country to another – export

52. That is fit to be eaten – edible

53. A selfish person who always thinks of himself – egoist

54. Fit to be chosen – eligible

हिंदी पद्य से संबंधित महत्वपूर्ण प्रश्न

55. A person who leaves his own country and goes to live in another – emigrant

56. Spoken without previous preparation – extempore

57. Words inscribed on graves – epitaph

58. One who believes in fate – fatalist ( भाग्यवादी )

59. That may cause death – fatal (घातक)

60. A man residing in a country of which he is not a citizen – foreigner

61. A medicine that kills germs – germicide

62. A person who eats too much – glutton63. For which no salary is paid – honorary

64. Killing of a human being specially by another – homicide

Formation of Simple Sentences by using Participle

65. That cannot be read – illegible

66. A person who comes to one country from another in order to settle there – immigrant

67. That cannot be heard – inaudible

68. That is difficult to believe – incredible

69. That cannot be conquered – invincible

70. Who can neither read nor write – illiterate

71. That cannot be imitated – inimitable

72. That cannot be corrected – incorrigible

73. The killing of a new born child – infanticide

74. That cannot be repaired – irreparable

75. That cannot be removed – indelible

76. A person unable to pay debts – insolvent

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77. That cannot be reached – inaccessible

78. That is contrary to law – illegal

79. Capable of catching fire easily – inflammable

80. Wholacks knowledge – ignorant

81. One who knows many languages – linguist

82. A room or building used for scientific experiments – laboratory

83. Hand – written matter – manuscript

84. Person who is caused to suffer for a great cause – martyr

85. Working for money – mercenary

86. An established principle of practical wisdom – maxim

87. A place where dead bodies are kept before post mortem – mortuary

88.A person who hates mankind – misanthropist

89. Widely known for bad works – notorious

90. Giving of special favour by a person in high position to his relatives – nepotism

91. A person who eats meat – non-vegetarian

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92. Which is no longer in use – obsolete

93.That is not wide – narrow

94. A person who looks at the bright side of things – optimist

95. A child whose parents are dead – orphan

96. All – powerful – omnipotent

97. A garden of fruits – orchard

98. Holding conventional beliefs in matter of religion – orthodox

99. That cannot be seen through – opaque

100. Who is present everywhere – omnipresent

101. Who knows everything – omniscient

102. Medical examination of a dead body – post-mortem

103. A person who looks at the dark side of things – pessimist

104. A remedy for all kinds of diseases – panacea

105. One who lives on another – parasite

106. A lover of mankind – Philanthropist

107. One who goes on a journey to a holy place – pilgrim

108. Born after the death of its father – posthumous

109. The practice of having more than one husband at the same time – polyandry

110. One who has great love for one’s country – Patriot

111. One who goes on foot – Pedestrian


112. One who lives alone and avoids people – recluse

113. Killing of one’s ownself – suicide

114. One who speaks on behalf of others – spokesman

115. Which is not fresh – stale

116. One who abstains completely from alcoholic liquor – teetotaller

117. Person who believes that there is God – thiest

118. That can be seen through – transparent

119. Of one mind or opinion – unanimous

120. That is difficult to believe – unbelievable

121. A person who lends money at a very high rate of interest – usurer

122. One who lives wholly on vegetable food – vegetarian

123. A person who has long experience – veteran

124. Acting of one’s own free will – voluntary

125. A place where clothes are kept – wardrobe

126. That cannot be tamed – wild

127. A woman whose husband is dead – widow

128. A man whose wife is dead – widower

129. A place where birds, animals etc. are kept – Zoo

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