Comprehension of The Sound of Music Part 2 The Shehnai of Bismillah Khan

Comprehension of The Sound of Music Part 2 The Shehnai of Bismillah Khan

Comprehension of The Sound of Music Part 2 The Shehnai of Bismillah Khan

Comprehension of The Shehnai of Bismillah Khan

Read the following passages and answer the questions based on them :

1. Emperor Aurangzeb banned ……… of the pungi.

Questions –

(i) What was the pungi the name of?

Answer – Pungi was the name of reeded noisemaker.

(ii) Did most people think that pungi would revive one day?

Answer – No, the most people did not think that pungi would revive one day.

(iii) Why did Aurangzeb ban the playing of ‘Pungi’?

Answer – Aurangzeb banned the playing of Pungi because it had shrill and unpleasant sound.

(iv) What did the barber decide?

Answer – The barber decided to improve the tonal quality of the pungi.

2. As a five year old ……. Bharat Ratna.

Questions –

(i) When and where did Bismillah Khan play gilli-danda?

Answer – Bismillah Khan played gilli-danda near a pond in the ancient estate of Dumraon when he was five years old.

(ii) Where and why would he go regularly?

Answer – He would regularly go to nearby Bihariji temple to sing the Bhojpuri ‘Chaita’.

(iii) What did he earn ‘at the end’?

Answer – At the end, he would earn a big laddu weighting 1.25kg.

(iv) Why did Bismillah Khan get a big laddu?

Answer – Bismillah Khan got a big laddu forbade singing ‘chaita’ in the temple.

(v) Which highest civilian award did he earn?

Answer – He earned the highest civilian award – the Bharat Ratna.

Comprehension of The Fun They Had –

3. The young boy took ……. hours on end.

Questions –

(i) When did the young boy take to music?

Answer – The young boy took to music early in life.

(ii) When was Bismillah Khan fascinated?

Answer – Bismillah Khan was fascinated when at the age of just three, he saw his maternal uncle’s practising the the shehnai at their house in Banaras.

(iii) With whom did Bismillah start to go to the Vishnu temple of Banaras?

Answer – Bismillah started to go to the Vishnu temple of Bananas with his uncle Ali Bux.

(iv) What used to Bishmillah’s reaction when Ali Bux played the shehnai?

Answer – Bismillah used to sit captivated for hours on end when Ali Bux would play the shehnai.

4. Bismillah Khan has given …… Gunj Uthi shehnai.

Questions –

(i) Where has Bismillah Khan given many memorable performances?

Answer – Bismillah Khan given many memorable performances both in India and aboard.

(ii) Who was taken in by the maestro? What was Bismillah gifted?

Answer – King Zahir Shah of Afghanistan was taken in by the maestro. Bismillah has gifted priceless Persian carpets and other souvenirs by the king.

(iii) Who else besides the King of Afghanistan was impressed by Bismillah’s music?

Answer – Besides the King of Afghanistan, film director Vijay Bhatt was impressed by Bismillah’s music.

(iv) ‘ …. he named a film after the instrument…’. Who does ‘he’ refer to here?

Answer – Here ‘he’ refers to the film director Vijay Bhatt.

Multiple Choice Questions of The Fun They Had –

5. In 2001, Ustad ……….. our music.

Questions –

(i) Who was awarded the Bharat Ratna, and when?

Answer – Ustad Bismillah Khan was awarded the Bharat Ratna in 2001.

(ii) What did Bismillah say then?

Answer – Bismillah Khan advised people to teach their children music which is Hindustan’s richest tradition. He further said that even the West was then coming to learn our music.

(iii) What is even the West doing now?

Answer – Even the West is coming now to learn our music.

(iv) Which in the above passage is opposite to ‘lowest’, and which word means ‘pleasure’?

Answer – In the above passage ‘highest’ is the opposite of ‘lowest’ and ‘happiness’means ‘pleasure’.

Active and Passive Voice –

6. Awards and recognition …….. the Bharat Ratna.

Questions –

(i) What does the expression ‘Awards came thick and fast’?

Answer – ‘Awards came thick and fast’ means ‘awards came rapidly in large numbers.’

(ii) Why was Bismillah Khan invited to USA?

Answer – Bismillah Khan was invited to USA to perform at the prestigious Lincoln Centre Hall.

(iii) In which country an auditorium is named after Bismillah Khan?

Answer – An auditorium is named after Bismillah Khan in Tehran.

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