Short Answer Type Questions of The Sound of Music Part 2 The Shehnai of Bismillah Khan

Short Answer Type Questions of The Sound of Music Part 2 The Shehnai of Bismillah Khan

Short Answer Type Questions of The Sound of Music Part 2 The Shehnai of Bismillah Khan

Short Answer Type Questions of The Sound of Music Part 2

Thinking About the Text

Short Answer Type Questions

Answer the following questions in about 24 words :

Questions 1. Where was pungi banned? Who banned it?

Answer – Pungi was banned in the royal residence of Emperor Aurangzeb. Aurangzeb himself banned it.

Question 2. What did most of the people think about pungi when it was banned?

Answer – When pungi was banned, most of the people thought that it would never revive.

Question 3. What changes did the barber make to transform pungi into shehnai?

Answer – The barber took a pipe with a natural hollow stem. It was longer and broader than pungi. He made seven holes on the body of the pipe. Like this pungi got transformed into shehnai.

Question 4. How was the reformed musical instrument known as shehnai?

Answer – The reformed musical instrument was played in Shah’s chambers and was played by a nai so it was known as shehnai.

Question 5. Till recently where was it used? Who does the credit go to bring it onto the classical stage?

Answer – Till recently it was used only in temples and weddings. The credit to bring it onto the classical stage goes to Ustad Bismillah Khan.

Comprehension of The Fun They Had –

Question 6. What did Usatad Faiyaz Khan say to Bishmillah?

Answer – Ustad Faiyaz Khan patted Bismillah back and asked him to work hard. He encourage Bishmillah by saying that he had the ability to succeed in the field of music.

Question 7. What prize did Bishmillah get from maharaja when he was a boy?

Answer – Bishmillah got a big laddu weighting 1.25kg as a prize from the Maharaja. He got this prize for singing the Bhojpuri ‘Chaita’ at the Bihariji Temple.

Question 8. How did five year old Bishmillah spend his days in Dumraon?

Answer – Five year old Bishmillah spent his days in Dumraon by playing gilli danda near the pond and regularly going to Bihariji temple to sing Bhojpuri ‘Chaita’.

Question 9. What do you know about Bismillah Khan, his father and his grandfather?

Answer – Bishmillah Khan who was born on 21 March, 1916 in Bihar, is known as the greatest shehnai maestro. His father Paigambar Bux was also a great shehnai player and his grandfather Rasool Bux was the shehnai nawaz of the Bhojpur King’s court.

Multiple Choice Questions of The Fun They Had –

Question 10. When did Bishmillah Khan watch someone practising the shehnai first? Who this someone was?

Answer – When Bishmillah Khan was three year old, he first saw someone practising the shehnai. This someone was his maternal uncle.

Question 11. Who or what inspired Bishmillah to improvise and invent raagas?

Answer – The following water of the Ganga inspired Bishmillah to improvise and invent raagas.

Question 12. How was he associated with the radio?

Answer – All India Redio was opened in Lucknow in 1938 and Bishmillah Khan was also given a break. He soon became an often heard shehnai player. Thus he associated with the radio.

Active and Passive Voice –

Question 13. How did 15 August, 1947 become a memorable day for Bishmillah Khan?

Answer – When India got freedom in 15 August 1947, Bishmillah Khan greeted the nation with his shehnai. He became the first Indian to achieve this. In this way, 15 August 1947, became a memorable day for him.

Question 14. What happened when Bishmillah made his first trip to Afghanistan?

Answer – When Bishmillah Khan made his first trip to Afghanistan, King Zahir Shah became highly impressed with him and he gifted Bishmillah Khan priceless Persian carpet and other souvenirs.

Question 15. Which National awards were conferred on him?

Answer – The Padma Sri, the Padam Bhushan and the Padma Vibhushan were conferred on Bishmillah Khan.

Question 16. After receiving the Bharat Ratna what advice did he give to parents?

Answer – After receiving the Bharat Ratna Award, Bishmillah Khan advised the parents, “Teach your children music, this is the Hindustan’s richest tradition.’

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